Relayed telepathically from the Beer Guru™ personal chapel, in the Temple of The Beer Goddess, Kylie, somewhere in the Himalayas.

There are disbelievers amongst us. Infidels, who raise doubts about the validity of the Beer Guru™ path and teachings. They do not believe that beer can be sacred. That it can bestow enlightenment. Worse they scoff at the Beer Guru™ teachings and say they are tosh. That he made them all up as a joke.

Actually, he did. But that doesn’t make them invalid, or nonsense. He had tapped into the universal stream of consciousness and wisdom. They were an inspired joke founded on eternal truths. As Zarathustra demonstrated, there is a very fine line between the wise man and the fool.

There is plenty of hard evidence that much of The Beer Guru™ teachings are based on fact.

For instance, there is a well-established historical link between beer and spiritual practices. In the distant past, as well as in many indigenous cultures today, beer was regarded as sacred, a brew which brought visions and personal experiences of the gods.

In mediaeval times, most British and European beer was brewed in monasteries by the monks. As it says in the book, “many divine beers (and some lethal intoxicants) were created by men of god in places of spiritual reverence”.

There is even a genuine, ancient Tibetan tradition of brewing and drinking the beer of enlightenment. It is part of the Doha Tradition and includes Tibetan drinking songs.

The Beer Guru™ path is an evolution of that tradition for modern times and western society. There are many men who worshipped beer before the Beer Guru came along. He is merely giving them a framework of belief and practice in their daily religious observances.

The Beer Guru™ teachings have a firm foundation in traditional mystic practice. For him and his followers, enlightenment and spiritual devotion are inextricably tied up with drinking beer and appreciating it as a spiritual experience.

The book (the Beer Guru™ Guide) is a step-by-step instruction manual of how to attain enlightenment through drinking beer.

As an intrinsic part of that process, the initiate has to undertake a quest for the Holy Ale, the beer of enlightenment, which flows from the font of all wisdom. So i a personal mystical adventure, a path of gnosis, or direct personal knowledge of the divine, and as with all Gnostic traditions, there a long process where that knowledge has to slowly ferment in your soul to first become understanding and eventually wisdom.

You can just read it as a bit of a laugh. Or you can take it seriously and have some strange, wonderful and enlightening experiences.

Please email us and tell us about them.

Men understand intuitively that drinking beer can be a religious experience.

– The Beer Guru